Our Approach

At Avedon we first like to understand your business by building domain knowledge in-house, leveraging our extensive network and building a business plan for the coming years together. Only thereafter, we will find the appropriate ownership structure, in which we can take a minority or majority position, and the financing structure, where debt financing should support, not hamper, the growth plan. After closing the investment, we will activate our support platform, but only where support is needed, to create value for all stakeholders.

Our Sectors

Sector focus has been at the center of Avedon’s strategy since our inception. We invest in four sectors where we have extensive experience a broad network and deep local and international knowledge: Business Services; Consumer & Health; Smart Industries; and Software & Technology.

Our mission is to source new potential investments within the four sectors we focus on and to bring each investment a combination of deep sector knowledge and expert insights to help where needed, to challenge the status quo, to offer fresh perspectives and jointly develop business plans. We conduct our own commercial due diligence and share our domain knowledge with you during multiple workshops.

By the sector focus, we build our domain knowledge by conducting niche studies and field work within the sectors. With this approach, we strive to get close to entrepreneurs and management teams to learn how we can help them in bringing the company to the next stage.


We support ambitious management teams in their value creation and we have a bespoke sets of tools that we tailor for each situation. We have a senior team to help you, complemented by a network of industry senior executives and strategic partners who are experts in their fields. 

Strategy & Growth

Our companies typically have multiple options to accelerate growth, but have to make key strategic choices given their size and set-up. We help our companies to identify and focus on the most attractive and feasible pockets of growth and drive strategic initiatives to accelerate topline growth, including pricing and sales effectiveness.

Human capital

Accelerated growth is possible with high performance management teams with the ability to turn smaller businesses into successful enterprises. We are dedicated to create high performance organisations to improve leadership teams, enhance the organizational culture and implement robust key HR processes. We offer our portfolio companies the support of our dedicated human capital strategic partner and top executive search firms.

Performance improvement

Improving control over execution of strategy and identifying issues early on by supporting our companies in strengthening the finance- and business control function and implementing KPI dashboards: financial, commercial, operational, product development, HR, ESG. As needed we initiate specific operational performance improvement programs with support of our specialized partners.

Buy & Build

Execution of add-on transactions to improve the strategic positioning of the company can be supported in-house or by a network of experienced business development professionals. Moreover, we have a keen eye to optimize the capital structure, always supporting the growth plans whereby we create alignment of interest for all stakeholders.