Key Facts

Sales at entry: ~€8.0m
Sector: Software & Technology
HQ: The Netherlands

Deal Facts

Year of investment: 2008
Seller: Founder
Exit year: 2018
Buyer: Volpi Capital

Company description

CycloMedia is capturing highly accurate street images on a large scale for business to business solutions. Cyclomedia’s unique patented technology also includes market leading 3D imaging. The images and software are sold to government GIS, public safety, and security markets, as well as in construction, infrastructure management, and insurance companies, both in Europe and US.

Growth case

Based on its unique technology platform and well-established market position in the Netherlands with many long-lasting customer partnerships, CycloMedia has doubled its sales over the last 4 years. CycloMedia has achieved strong organic expansion in the US, where revenue has doubled annually in the last 2 years, and in Germany, starting and scaling local operations successfully. CycloMedia has further invested in its world-leading technology platform, accelerating the scalability of the company by renewing its end-user Content-as-a-Service platform, introducing geo-referenced object databases using object recognition and AI analytics, and developing a next generation of capturing systems. On the back of the investments in R&D and sales, CycloMedia’s customer base has been expanding continuously with important customers like New York City, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, as well as enterprise customers. The company was successfully sold to Volpi Capital, a European growth investor, based in London UK, who will further invest in the international growth.

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