Coolrec director Arjen Wittekoek to BBF

Last year these companies joined forces in the areas of maintenance, production, fill rate, access control systems and route optimisation for underground and above-ground collection systems. However, the individual companies continued to operate independently and under their own names.

‘My challenge will be to have the companies be more than the sum of their parts’, says Arjen Wittekoek about his new position. ‘Among other changes, they will work under one brand name. At Renewi, I worked on a rebranding process after the fusion of Van Gansewinkel and Shanks. That experience will be put to good use in my new position.’
The growth ambitions and the professionalization of the combination will be supported by Avedon Capital Partners. The investor indicated last year it would look at a later stage at the possibility of expansion abroad, where there is often little familiarity with the concept of underground containers.

Wittekoek worked for almost 14 years in various roles at Renewi and the predecessors of that company. His last day as director of Coolrec will be 18 January. ‘We have evolved from being a recycler to being a leader in the circular economy. That is what I am most proud of’, according to Wittekoek.
The departing director will initially be replaced by Bas Blom, who will do the honours of being interim director until a new director has been selected. Blom is also managing director of Monostream & Continuous Improvement at Coolrec’s parent company Renewi.