Key Facts

Sales at entry:   
Sector: Software & Technology
HQ: The Netherlands
Homepage: http://wcc-group.com/

Deal Facts

Year of investment: 2016
Seller: Founders

Company description

WCC Smart Search & Match is the world’s leading supplier of search and match software solutions and services. Founded in 1996, WCC focuses on two solution areas: Identity matching and Employment matching. Its ELISE software platform excels in these areas because it searches and matches data in a unique way that yields more meaningful results than any other software. Based on in-depth industry expertise WCC is continuously adding strategic functionality on top of its enterprise strength ELISE software platform increasing the value to the customers and prospects.

Growth case

The company’s impressive growth record will be further accelerated by strengthening the organization, advancing international expansion and adding more strategic functionality in the Identity and Employment verticals and widening the scope of the software through a horizontal roll-out of leading edge search and match based functionality for strategic applications - leveraging the unmatched quality of WCC software.

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