Key Facts

Sales at entry: -
Sector: Business Services
HQ: The Netherlands
Homepage: https://www.cerios.nl/

Deal Facts

Year of investment: 2022
Seller: Founder

Company description

Cerios is a leading provider of software testing and quality engineering services in the Netherlands and Belgium. With more than 400 skilled consultants, the company supports its client to enhance the quality of (mission-critical) IT via a wide range of innovative testing services and solutions, including agile testing, low-code testing, and test automation. Cerios serves blue-chip clients across various industries, focusing on the public, healthcare, finance and retail sectors. Cerios brings together the leading brands Salves, Supportbook, Valori and De Agile Testers in one group.

Growth case

The partnership will enable the company to accelerate growth through a buy-and-build, investments in the organization and talent, and by strengthening the service portfolio. Retaining the unique, intimate corporate culture will be key during the growth path.

Contact persons

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