Kind Technologies

Key Facts

Sales at entry: ~€25m
Sector: Smart Industries
HQ: The Netherlands

Deal Facts

Year of investment: 2023
Seller: Founders and Gimv

Company description

Kind Technologies is a leading AgriTech group based in the Netherlands. The company employs approximately 150 talented engineers and technicians and provides its portfolio of internal logistics, optical sorting, and packing solutions to greenhouse growers and cooperations across Europe and North America. The company operates two main brands: Crux, a machine vision and robotics specialist that has developed the award-winning SortiPack® system for fully automatic grading, sorting, and packing of fruits and vegetables, and Martin Stolze, a brand that offers internal logistics and robotics solutions for potted plants and vegetable nurseries. By combining over 20 years of experience with machine-vision solutions and 30+ years of agriculture-specific engineering know-how, Kind Technologies is a unique player in the market.

Growth case

With the Kind Technologies group we aim to become the leading player in horticulture automation, increasing the installed base of the award-winning SortiPack® system and the automation solutions of Martin Stolze. To realize the growth plans we will provide the company with growth capital to scale up operations and invest in research and development. We aim to further grow the platform with selected buy-and-build.

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