Key Facts

Sales at entry: ~€45.0m
Sector: Smart Industries
HQ: Germany

Deal Facts

Year of investment: 2008
Seller: Founders
Exit year: 2015
Buyer: Kaman (strategic)

Company description

GRW is a German based technology leader in the development and production of high-precision ball bearings servicing several mission critical applications in end markets such as aerospace, medical technology or measurement and control.

Growth case

Our core focus has been to initiate and support the transformation of a family managed business into a market –oriented international production company. The execution of the growth plan has been facilitated through expanding the sales force, the systematic entry into new geographic markets (mostly US), optimizing the product mix, and investments in technology as well as manufacturing footprint (e.g. Czech facility). The company was successfully sold to Kaman Aerospace Group, Inc (‘Kaman’), a US listed strategic buyer.

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