Key Facts

Sales at entry: ~€23m
Sector: Consumer & Health
HQ: Germany

Deal Facts

Year of investment: 2022
Seller: Owner / Founder

Company description

Founded in 1996, FormMed is a leading developer and supplier of micronutrition for therapeutic use based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The company provides the largest range of supplements in the micronutrition space tailored to the specific needs of medical professionals and their patients. The modular product range includes indication-specific- and active ingredient micronutrients and enables medical professionals to recommend entire supplement treatment concepts, according to their patients need, at an affordable price. The company fulfills the highest quality and purity standards in the market, “Made in Germany”.

Growth case

Building upon its market leading position in Germany, FormMed seeks to make the therapy concept available to patients across Europe. FormMed will further accelerate growth through the ongoing granularization of the product portfolio and an extension of the domestic partner base of doctors and alternative practitioners. The growth plan will be supported by targeted investments into the organization, as well as the acquisition of selected distribution partners.

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