Key Facts

Sales at entry: ~€835m
Sector: Business Services
HQ: The Netherlands

Deal Facts

Year of investment: 2008
Seller: Halder/Gilde Buyouts
Exit year: 2015
Buyer: EK Group (strategic)

Company description

Euretco is the leading Retail Service organisation in the Netherlands, active in the non-food retail sector, e.g. fashion, sports, furniture and DIY. Euretco acts as intermediary between suppliers and its retailer base which consists of more than 1,400 affiliated retailers and 130 franchise holders who collectively run approximately 2,100 stores.

Growth case

Expanding the existing platform into new verticals and further professionalising the organisation together with management. The company has executed a growth strategy through a number of value creation levers by acquiring its largest competitor, adding a new DIY vertical by acquiring DGN, developing new services (e.g. e-commerce activities), optimizing its working capital, divesting non-core activities and improving the management information in combination with streamlining the organisation. The company was successfully sold to EK, a leading retail services organization from Germany.

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