Key Facts

Sales at entry: 110m
Sector: Business Services
HQ: The Netherlands

Deal Facts

Year of investment: 2023
Seller: Founders and Gilde Healthcare

Company description

Detron is a leading ICT service provider in the Netherlands offering integrated digital workspace solutions. Its solutions are focused on connectivity, (unified) communications, cloud, IT security and IT infrastructure management. The company has a strong customer base in healthcare, public and business services. Zetacom is a leading player in the Dutch unified communications market with a comprehensive offering in terms of technologies and expertise, and in-house proprietary technology (Bprocare and Ooperon). Zetacom provides solutions the domains of  communication & collaboration, automation & alarming and network & security. Zetacom has a blue-chip customer base with strong presence in the Dutch healthcare market. By combining both companies, we create a large ICT-services platform with a leading position in the healthcare and public sectors, and a strong partnership of leading technology partners.

Growth case

With the combination of Detron and Zetacom we aim to become a leader in the European ICT market with exceptional capabilities for the healthcare sector. We plan to accelerate growth with further by buy & build.

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