Key Facts

Sales at entry: € 10m
Sector: Business Services
HQ: Germany

Deal Facts

Year of investment: 2019
Seller: Founders

Company description

DELABO Group, headquartered in Düsseldorf (Germany) was created through the acquisition and integration of three independent dental laboratories. The value proposition of the group is based on its comprehensive and complimentary product offering, which comprises all medically relevant price-quality product combinations as well as a broad range of supportive services for dentists and patients. With about 115 employees across 4 locations the combination is already from the start one of the largest dental lab groups in Germany and forms an ideal platform for a buy and build case. Despite acting as a nation-wide dental labs platform, the Group is emphasizing the regional character of the dental prosthetics business by leveraging the respective brand heritage as well as the local presence of each current and future member lab.  

Growth case

The DELABO Group is planning investments into technology and the harmonization of production processes, a shared organizational set-up as well as strategic sales and marketing initiatives. Besides a strengthened focusing on their core business, member labs are supported in terms of administrative activities, operational investments, recruitment of skilled labor force and the exploration of different growth and synergy avenues. Additionally, the Group seeks to extend its geographical coverage as well as its regional presence throughout the DACH region by pursuing multiple further acquisitions of dental labs in the upcoming years.

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