Key Facts

Sales at entry: ~45m
Sector: Business Services
HQ: Germany

Deal Facts

Year of investment: 2023
Seller: Private individual

Company description

DMS (Data Management Service GmbH, together with PMD Projektmanagement Deutschland GmbH and its related companies), headquartered in Gera, is a leading independent business process outsourcing (“BPO”) service provider, focusing on complex processes for the German energy sector with over 20 years of experience. DMS supports both established companies (i.a. public utilities, multinational utilities, grid operators) from the energy vertical as well as new market participants (i.a. new energy sales companies, metering point operators) with in-depth process and application knowledge. Today, DMS is active in 8 locations across Germany and employs more than 800 employees. DMS’ service offering focuses on traditional and hybrid (i.e. automated) BPO solutions with focus on 2nd and 3rd level tasks, as well as consulting services and training. DMS’ mission is to support its customers with reliable, innovative, and sustainable service solutions.

Growth case

DMS plays a pivotal role in i.a. successfully managing the energy transition, as the company supports its customers in mastering ever increasing complexity, as well as quantity in processes (e.g. increasing penetration of photovoltaic plants, wall boxes for electric vehicles) against the backdrop of increasing regulation. DMS centers its growth strategy on three key pillars (i) increasing its knowledge and capacity, including further expansion of its automation offering, (ii) increasing the full-service BPO service in a ‘managed’ BPO setting, as well as (iii) acquisitive growth to capture synergies and scale investments into employees, training and technology.

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