Waste Vision

Key Facts

Sales at entry: ~ € 35m
Sector: Software & Technology
HQ: The Netherlands
Homepage: https://wastevision.com/

Deal Facts

Year of investment: 2017
Seller: Founders

Company description

Waste Vision is a leading Dutch integrated smart waste solutions company, which helps municipalities in addressing urban challenges including city cleanliness, ESG goals, environmental regulation and waste separation regulation with its three integrated smart waste solutions: Waste Separation, Logistics Optimization and Asset management. Waste Vision was founded in 2017 through the merger of BWaste International, Bronij and FERRO FIX, with a strong heritage in underground containers and services, further integrating Mic-O-Data (2018) and Beek Container Group (2019) to strengthen its position as a smart waste solutions company. Following a transformation in 2021, Waste Vision transitioned to the company it is today, divesting its container manufacturing business and focusing on tech-enabled waste separation, logistics optimization and asset management solutions and services. Within the broader waste value chain, Waste Vision is uniquely positioned as a digital first solutions player with an integrated platform and advanced analytics that it applies across central waste collection systems from any manufacturer. Waste Vision's >140 customers are Dutch municipalities and a growing international customer base.

Growth case

Accelerate growth by levering the companies’ key strengths and market knowledge to provide better products and services to clients, supported by investments in the integration and strengthening of the organization. The Netherlands is considered front-runner in the waste collection market, which provides ample opportunity to export the companies’ products and know-how abroad to further expand its current international footprint.

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