Beek Container Groep Nederland has been purchased by BBF Holding – a company that specializes in comprehensive solutions for the production and servicing of as well as the technology in smart waste collection systems.

Leiden, donderdag 20 december 2018

Article in Dutch (PDF)

Today, BBF Holding and Beek Container Groep Nederland announced that they will pool their strengths in servicing and cleaning both the above-ground and underground waste collection systems. As a result of its partnership with BBF Holding, Beek Container Groep Nederland will be better able to serve its clients with BBF Holding’s products and technological solutions. Thanks to the capacity meters and dynamic route planning, the number of collection moments can be significantly decreased which reduces CO2 emissions and extends the life of each container. For the time being, Beek Container Groep Nederland will continue to operate independently from its head office in Leiden under the leadership of Mark van Beek and the current management team.

Beek Container Groep’s Mark van Beek says, ‘It made sense for us to join BBF. The partnership primarily benefits both companies’ clients and employees as a result of the scale and range of the products and solutions that BBF offers. Beek’s activities perfectly match BBF’s focus to help governments and companies contribute to a better living environment by incorporating smart solutions into waste collection. I look forward to our future partnership with the BBF Holding team.’
BBF Holding’s Ron de Mos explains, ‘Servicing and performing upkeep on above-ground and underground waste collection systems is one of BBF Holding’s most important focus areas for growth. Recently, we became very impressed by the services that Beek Container Groep Nederland provides based on the entrepreneurship driven by all its employees. Beek Container Groep Nederland has established an excellent reputation among its clients and we are proud to welcome it into BBF Holding.’

Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding B.V.’s Rimco de Groot says, ‘We contentedly reflect on our multi-year partnership with Mark van Beek and Beek Container Groep Nederland since we bought an interest back in 2004. In recent years, Beek has grown into one of the main players in cleaning, servicing, and distributing containers in the Dutch market by investing in its employees and materials. We are pleased to have found a strong shareholder that Beek can seamlessly integrate into for the purpose of continuing the strategy to pursue growth.’

About Beek Container Groep
Beek Container Groep Nederland cleans, services (in both preventative and ongoing capacities), inspects, certifies, and distributes a number of above-ground and underground containers. Quality, speed, decisiveness, and flexibility are core aspects of its company culture. Beek’s approximately 45-person strong workforce feels a sense of ownership and is extremely dedicated and highly motivated to deliver high-quality service and upkeep. Beek operates throughout the Netherlands and has a fleet of 42 vehicles.

BBF Holding produces, installs, and services a broad range of underground and above ground waste containers including the associated electrical hardware and software. In recent years, the group also invested in the development of software and electronics such as container access systems, capacity metres, and dynamic planning of collection routes. With this technology, municipalities can make considerable savings on the costs of waste collection, and the company contributes to a cleaner living environment. BBF has now equipped over 45,000 underground waste containers with this technology and therefore qualifies as a leading player both in a domestic and international sense.

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