Avedon expands DELABO.GROUP with acquisitions of Rauschelbach Zahntechnik, Dentaltechnik Knebelsberger and Laufer Zahntechnik

Düsseldorf, October 21st, 2020 – DELABO.GROUP, a leading German platform of dental laboratories backed by Avedon Capital Partners, is glad to announce the acquisitions of Rauschelbach Zahntechnik GmbH, Dentaltechnik Knebelsberger GmbH and Laufer Zahntechnik GmbH. The addition of these three independent German dental laboratories with complementary technical and operational capabilities will strengthen the group and firmly establish DELABO.GROUP among the 5 largest players in the German dental laboratory market.

DELABO.GROUP was founded in September 2019 and pursues a buy & build strategy in the fragmented German dental laboratories market. Since foundation, the group already conducted 7 transactions and will likely double in size by the end of 2020 as compared to the initial platform. The group offers a comprehensive portfolio of domestically produced dental prosthetics across all relevant price/quality combinations as well as a wide range of high-end services. Today, the combined group employs more than 230 employees across 8 locations. Investments into technology and the harmonization of production processes, a shared organizational set-up as well as in strategic sales and marketing initiatives are ongoing and are slowly starting to bear fruit.

“We are very pleased to welcome these three excellent labs to the DELABO.GROUP and thereby further expand our network and our presence in both North- and South-Germany. These acquisitions perfectly fit with our strategy and it will be the beginning of a fruitful partnership. It is great to see that we are able to enthuse such exceptional entrepreneurs like Frank Rauschelbach, Ralf Schieweg and Andreas Laufer with our concept and together, we will accelerate the impressive growth the DELABO.GROUP has achieved thus far. Especially in these uncertain times, this is a strong sign that we are on the right track with our value proposition and our vision.”

About Rauschelbach Zahntechnik GmbH
Rauschelbach Zahntechnik in Pinneberg near Hamburg is an innovative dental laboratory characterized by outstanding expertise in the field of implantology, combination technology and anterior aesthetics. Managing Director Frank Rauschelbach focuses on digitalization in combination with individual craftsmanship as well as a personal exchange with dentists and patients. With this renowned partner laboratory, the DELABO.GROUP strengthens its position in the market and further expands its presence in northern Germany.

About Dentaltechnik Knebelsberger GmbH
Dentaltechnik Knebelsberger is located in Karlsruhe and is headed by Managing Director Ralf Schieweg, who has been working for the company since 1993. With more than 40 employees, Knebelsberger Zahntechnik covers the entire spectrum of modern, digital dental technology. Special expertise includes innovative measuring systems and computer-aided CAD/CAM systems as well as the treatment of functional disorders with the DIR system. The claim of Knebelsberger Zahntechnik is: Quality in all technical and aesthetic aspects as well as strong service and reliability.

About Laufer Zahntechnik GmbH
Laufer Zahntechnik GmbH is located in Mannheim and operates nation-wide and is one of the largest and leading dental laboratories in Germany in the field of implantology and combined dentures. Laufer Zahntechnik was founded in 1989 by master dental technician Andreas Laufer, who is the managing director of the laboratory, now employing around 50 employees. The innovative entrepreneur has always invested in new technologies, which is why Laufer Zahntechnik was, for example, one of the first laboratories in Germany with a high-precision 3D metal printer.

DELABO.GROUP is a buy & build platform in the fragmented German dental laboratories market. The value proposition of the group is based on its comprehensive product offering, which comprises all medically relevant price-quality product combinations as well as a broad range of supportive services for dentists and patients. Despite acting as a nation-wide dental lab platform, the Group emphasizes the regional character of the dental laboratories by leveraging the respective brand heritage as well as the local presence of each group lab. DELABO.GROUP labs are supported in terms of administrative activities, operational investments, recruitment of skilled labor force and the exploration of different growth avenues. Additionally, the Group seeks to extend its geographical coverage as well as its regional presence by pursuing further acquisitions of dental labs in the upcoming years. For more information please visit https://www.delabo.com.

About Avedon Capital Partners
Avedon is a leading growth capital investor based in Amsterdam and Düsseldorf. Avedon invests in small and medium-sized companies in Western Europe with a focus on the software & technology, industrials, consumer & leisure, and business services sectors. Avedon works closely with its management teams to realize growth ambitions and has a long track record of successfully delivering results through autonomous growth and buy-and-build strategies. For more information please visit www.avedoncapital.com.