Altendorf presents unprecedented new safety system to prevent accidents

Exclusive new development employs three-stage system to prevent accidents. Nothing drew a crowd to the new Altendorf Group’s LIGNA stand like the demonstrations of the latest development for the Altendorf sliding table saw. Experts from all the over the world caught their breath as a member of the Altendorf Group’s development team moved a hand towards the saw blade at the speed of a normal feed rate – and suffered not so much as a scratch. The saw blade, a 400 mm disk spinning at about 5000 rpm, simply disappeared – all in a fraction of a second. The blade is braked to a standstill too, meaning that this safety system, unlike those of other manufacturers, works even with larger saw blades. The demonstrations at LIGNA left everyone who witnessed them thoroughly impressed: users, dealers and the international specialist press all left the stand confident that “ASA” (the working title of this ground-breaking safety development) just will not permit accidents at the sliding table saw. A three-stage system using a number of technical solutions ensures that caution and prevention prevail.

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