Beek Container Groep Nederland has been purchased by BBF Holding – a company that specializes in comprehensive solutions for the production and servicing of as well as the technology in smart waste collection systems.

Leiden, donderdag 20 december 2018 Article in Dutch (PDF) Today, BBF Holding and Beek Container Groep Nederland announced that they will pool their strengths in servicing and cleaning both the above-ground and underground waste collection systems. As a result of its partnership with BBF Holding, Beek Container Groep Nederland will be better able to serve … Read more

Coolrec director Arjen Wittekoek to BBF

Last year these companies joined forces in the areas of maintenance, production, fill rate, access control systems and route optimisation for underground and above-ground collection systems. However, the individual companies continued to operate independently and under their own names. ‘My challenge will be to have the companies be more than the sum of their parts’, … Read more