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Fit for Free

Consumer & Leisure / 2009

Key Facts

Sales at entry: ~€49.0m
Sector: Consumer & Leisure
HQ: The Netherlands

Company description: Sportcity/Fit for Free is the second largest fitness chain in the Netherlands with around 400.000 members and 100 locations. SportCity (#18 locations) focuses on the medium price segment, whereas Fit for Free (#82 locations) is a market leader in the budget segment.

Deal Facts

Date of investment: 2009
Seller: Founders/management

Growth case: Acquiring Fit-for-Free (# 21 locations) together with management of Sportcity (#18 locations) with the strategy to aggresively roll out the budget concept in the Netherlands and abroad. The number of Fit-for-free locations has increased from 21 to around 82 while becoming active in 5 countries.