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The Kooyenga Group is focusing on growth, by forming a strategic alliance with Olympia Netherlands

Dokkum (NL), —The successful Frisian entrepreneur Romke Kooyenga has entered into a strategic alliance with Olympia Netherlands. The collaboration between Kooyenga and Olympia forms the foundation for the further development of the Kooyenga Group as the leading temporary staffing and consulting agency for the government sector. With a strategic interest in this Group, which consists of Kooyenga Consulting and Staffing, and management consultancy firm Vondel & Nassau, Olympia Netherlands strengthens its position within the municipal government.

The alliance between Olympia Netherlands and the Kooyenga Group offers the opportunity for Kooyenga to grow rapidly. Romke Kooyenga, owner of the Kooyenga Group, will focus entirely on this growth ambition and the further commercial development of the organization starting September 1 of this year. The daily management of the Kooyenga Group will be in the hands of Just Zandhuis, who will take up the position of CEO. Romke Kooyenga: “I am an entrepreneur who has built up the company with much pleasure and success over more than 23 years. However, the further growth of Kooyenga requires a strong collaboration partner which is similar to Kooyenga in terms of culture and ambition. Olympia is this party. Now I can focus entirely on my main strengths. I will remain commercially responsible and develop the employees, and preserve the culture which is so characteristic of us. I have complete confidence in the collaboration with Just Zandhuis as CEO because of his broad background in service provision for the public sector and our shared vision for this market. Just brings the professionalization which we need to take the company to the next phase.”

The Kooyenga Group is known in the market for its strong company atmosphere in which entrepreneurship, professionalism, and transparent cooperation with short lines of communication are central themes. The two companies are of the same mind on these issues. Dimitri Yocarini, CEO of Olympia Netherlands since 2016, has this to add: “Just like the Kooyenga Group, Olympia Netherlands has the ambition to grow within the municipal government. It’s great that we can complement each other through a strategic alliance with a respected organization such as the Kooyenga Group and an enthusiastic entrepreneur like Romke. By combining our expertise, we are able to achieve an even stronger position within the government sector. We are really looking forward to our partnership and have a lot of confidence in it.”

For more information please contact Steven Gudde, spokesperson, at telephone number: +31 (0)70 – 338 10 60 or +31 (0)6 – 57 99 12 19

Please refer to the official press releases for further details: English Press Release. Dutch Press Release.

BWaste, BroNij and Ferro-Fix create a new leading player for the production, maintenance and technology of smart waste systems

Three companies, each with a leading position in waste systems, announced today they will join forces in the area of maintenance, new build, filling level, access control systems, and route optimization for underground and aboveground waste collection systems. Avedon Capital Partners supports, as investor, the growth ambitions and professionalization of the combination. Within this new enterprise, the companies Ferro-Fix, BroNij and BWaste will continue to operate independently. Nothing will change for employees, customers and brands. The current shareholders of both BWaste and BroNij will continue as manager and shareholder in the new combination.
Please refer to the official press releases for further details: English Press Release. Dutch Press Release.