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Olympia Nederland wins Recruitment Tech Award 2017

Utrecht, 24 November 2017 – Olympia Nederland landed the Recruitment Tech Award 2017 with the ‘everyone an e-recruiter’ case. Each year, the prize is awarded to the organisation that has developed the most innovative and effective recruitment technology. In the finale held during the Recruitment Tech Event, Olympia left ABN Amro and Spotta behind.

Intake at good level

From the central idea of ‘everyone an e-recruiter’, Olympia combines the strength of HR professionals with professional e-commerce behaviour and makes this an integral, permanent part of the organisation, both centrally and locally. Olympia also quickly implements, activates and scales up the latest e-recruitment technologies and channels, for instance with in-app training. Using the RecruitmentCockpit, every agent at the employment agency has access to e-commerce tools and insights. In this way, Olympia is able to maintain the same level of intake in terms of e-recruitment, in spite of the general national trend of the falling numbers of applications and increasing scarcity. The first tests showed as many as 500 per cent more applications in specific cases.

Rogier van Hamburg, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer at Olympia: “I’m incredibly proud of the team that has created this innovative solution. Olympia has chosen computerisation and innovation. This prize is a validation of the path we’ve taken.”


This year, 24 submissions were entered for the Recruitment Tech Award. A five-member expert jury chose five cases and five tools in the preselection. Those selected presented their case or tool in October, and three nominees were then chosen from each category. The audience and the expert jury determined the winners.

More information:
Please refer to the official press release for further details. Dutch Press Release.

All Waste Containers Will Be Fitted With A Sensor

ROTTERDAM. All waste containers will be fitted with a sensor with a volume measurer.
According to the municipality, this allows containers to be emptied more efficiently.
The system has been extensively tested in Rotterdam-Zuid and the results have been positive.
The containers are emptied less often and the containers were on average three quarters full when they were picked up.

All 6540 waste containers will now get the system. In January the first textile containers will be emptied with the new working method. The sensor system is simple: every hour it measures via ultrasound how full the container is. With this information, the municipality is able to determine which containers need to be emptied and plans the routes to collect the waste accordingly.

Subscript photo: The sensor to be placed in the container.