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Business Services

We believe there is potential for leading operators within the sector to capitalise on attractive growth opportunities, for example the increasing prominence of outsourcing arising out of the current global financial and economic situation.

Private equity’s ability to support ambitious growth plans and deploy capital into businesses gives it an important role in the next phase of evolution of the services sector. We believe that leading operators are going to find opportunity in three particular areas: continuing trend of outsourcing, internationalisation and consolidation.

We have invested and seek to invest in, for example the following sub-sectors:

  • Payment and financial services (Tesch Inkasso)
  • Testing, inspection and certification
  • Human capital: includes staffing, education and training businesses where developing or managing people is key (Vitae, Robidus)
  • Industrial service
  • Retail services (Euretco)
  • Building and construction supply (Deli, Janssen de Jong, Busker)